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You've heard it a lot lately
Doom and gloom – The day of the church is dead

Let's be honest, in the fog of a pandemic, it's easy to get carried away by the doom-and-gloom tide. It's like discouragement is a badge of honor these days!

But that doesn't have to be true for you! You can swim against the current and we're here to help.

The Pastor's Get More Visitors Check List is a simple PDF that frees you from the conformity trap and gives you a clear direction with ...

  • 3 Proven Strategies so you have visitor-building options relevant for your church context
  • 3 Strategy Tool Kits so you can plan your strategies
  • 3 Detailed How-To's so you can get into action and increase your first-time visitor count as early as this weekend!

I began creating The Pastor's Get More Visitors Check List when I was called to my first church. The building was in a tiny town that had a convenience store and three churches – and the church I led was literally at the end of the paved road. The congregation hadn't seen a first-time visitor for months when I got there, but I was convinced that even in the heart of Nowhere, USA, you didn't have to be like every other church in town – you can grow a church wherever you are and whatever the circumstances. 

And so I focused my energy on two of the three strategies (networking and marketing).

Three months later ... we didn't just see first time visitors, we doubled the average worship attendance with new people. No one believed it was possible. No one thought there were that many people "out there" who were ready to give God and that abundant life stuff a try. 

But you and I know better – and The Pastor's Get More Visitor's Check List will give you what you need to start seeing visitors in your congregation. 

And best of all ... It's Free!

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